Fruity breakfast

Today started with a delicious fruit breakfast. Banana, clementines and peanut butter was on the menu. It may seem like a little, but it's only because I'm heading to the gym in like five minutes, and if you eat too much before working out you can feel sick. Of course I don't want that. Besides, it's proven that it's better to eat fruit in the morning for some reason, maybe because your stomach is empty, I don't really know. But as long as it's good for me, I'm doing it!
School starts at 2PM today (talk about unnecessary), but I'm gonna head there earlier so that I can eat lunch and blog a little more for you guys!
Have a great day!

Postat av: Hemma Hos Felicia

såå gott med frukt!! :)

2014-01-21 @ 14:08:22 // URL:
Postat av: Jonas

That´s a really good way to start your day indeed =) Pure energy ;)

2014-01-21 @ 15:38:10 // URL:

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