This will be a long week

That's how it feels right now, that this week will never end. In my opinion, you should go to school/work for 4 days a week, and have 3 days free. Imagine how nice that would be? Not only to get one day less of school or work, but also get an extra day to meet frinds, family, have some self-time and just do what you like to do and enjoy life!
School is quite chaotic at the moment. Not in form of exams and stuff like that, but we have so many substitutes, I'm not really sure what grade I have in some of the subjects. For example Social Studies is a complete mess. But hopefully it will all turn out fine and we'll all be able to be graded fairly.
Yesterday's Zumba went great and I'm really looking forward to today's yoga class. But before that I'll watch the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars" and also "Ravenswood" if I have time. Of course it will be accompanied with some Exotic Snacks, this has literally become a little tradition of mine. Really looking forward to this part actually!
Have a great day everyone!
Seira my little cutiepie


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