Top ten Instagram accounts

Left to right, top to bottom: @anouskapb  @mirandakerr  @skinnybikinibody and @befitsmoothies
I'm not sure how much time a day I spend on Instagram, but if I would guess I'd say a couple of hours. I'm not one of those people who update all the time, but I find it really interesting and fun to look at other peoples' photos (especially celebrities, as you'll see below).
We all have our favourite Instagram accounts. While following over 300 accounts, I've had quite a struggle picking out my top ten, but here they are, in no specific order:
Barbara Palvin: @realbarbarapalvin
Candice Swanepoel: @angelcandices
Healthy recipies: @_healthylife
Great model pictures: @futurefaces
Miranda Kerr: @mirandakerr
Amazing health inspiration and ideas: @skinnybikinibody
Fashion inspiration and ideas: @anouskapb
Healthy and delicious smoothies: @befitsmoothies
Ieva Avei, model: @ievaqavei
Constance Jablonski: @constjablonski
Who are your favourite accounts? I'm always looking for new inspiration.


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