Healthy(er) scones

Today was such a nice day!
I woke up at 6AM (which probably was the only bad thing today), since my marketing project group was supposed to meet up at school at 8.30AM. Though some people were late, we still managed to get started quite fast. We got a lot done and can now focus on our individual parts of the project in the upcoming weeks.
So this took about 2 hours, which ment that it was 10.30AM when I left school, bought some lunch and headed back home. I made a quick stop at the gym, to have a kind of a test training, to see how my body reacts after feeling under the weather these last couple of weeks. Up until now it's been feeling great, so my hopes are up!
When I got home I just chilled, watched "The Walking Dead", took care of mom (she's feeling a bit under the weather aswell) and made these delicious healthy scones. Now I'm not sure how healthy they really are, but I switched around 2/3 of all the flour to some courser, healthier options.
Write below in the comments if you'd like the recipe!
Have a nice evening!


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