Sports break part 2

If you'd call my trip to Lithuania part 1 of my sports break, then the rest of the week would be part 2.
The same day that I got home, on Wednesday, Agnes and I had a little sleepover at my place. She came around 5 PM, since I only got home at 3 PM, and we went to the grocery store to buy some candy and snacks. Then we got home, watched Top Model Sweden and ate some candy. This season is gonna be really interesting, since it's both guys and girls. Then my amazing sissie made a delicious vegetarian dinner for us and after that we watched "2012" and ate some snacks. After the movie, when everyone went to sleep, Agnes and I sat up quite long, just talking about and planning our trip to London. It's gonna be so much fun I can't wait!
The next day we watched "Frozen" while eating breakfast and then Agnes had to leave, since she and her family were going to their holiday home the same day.
The day after that, on Friday, my sister and I went to see "The Book Thief", which was really great and very sad at the end. Before the movie we went to Wayn'es Coffee and each of us got a small latte with hazelnut flavour, yummy! Later that day, at around 8 PM, I went to the place where I made my intership to help with the inventory.
On Saturday I didn't do anything special, just went to the gym and chilled at home. Then on Sunday, after mass, my sister and I went to the horse stable for a joint "theory" lesson. That was actually really fun. First we got to fix the horses and then we got to try something called free jumping. That basically means that you get the horse to jump over obstacles without actually sitting on it. Sounds kind of strange, but it wasn't that hard at all (just a tiny bit scary).
So that's about the rest of my vacation away from school. Hope you guys had a nice break and have a great rest of the week!
Our delicious hazelnut lattes!
My sis and I at the movies.
Jumping horses (Verona and Kari)


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